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We have that problem with CNAs. If they have to float to a unit they don't like or if I give them an assignment they don't like, I get 'Well then I'll go home' I tell them fine, and I'm sure your co-workers will be so happy that you screwed them as we now have to work short!

A lot of the problem here is the shortage of nursing staff. Anyone who applies gets a job and keeps the job regardless of their performance or work ethic. Barring blatant abuse, no one gets the boot!

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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That's pretty sukky. I hear ya Tweetles. No work ethic is right.

Sad, but true.

I'm sooooooo fortunate where I work. Someone MIGHT call in sick ONCE every couple YEARS, if that. Guess we care enough about each other and our patients to pull crap like that. If one of us happens to call in.. we really worry about them, 'cuz we KNOW it's legit. Heck, I took my first sick day back when I had my "flu"like thing going on.. first sick day in 6 years of employment there.

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