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So frustrated.

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As others have suggested, work with the PTA.  It should be easy to perform outreach through them and social media, like the school's facebook page.  Ask for volunteers to form a sewing brigade to make masks for free or very low cost.

Even 5th and 6th graders can be taught simple sewing - I have been sewing since 3rd grade.  It would be a great crafts project for them - teach them how to sew and have each of them make a mask for themselves.  If your school has an art teacher, talk to them about this, or to some receptive teachers.

Another source could be local churches.  Many people, especially retired people, do a lot of volunteer work for their church.  Reach out to some pastors and see if they could organize a sewing circle for your school.

Also, try ethnic grocery and home goods stores.  For example, I live in Sacramento, which has a very large Korean community.  The Korean stores have face masks (made in Korea) and masks from China (cheaper).  They also have plenty of toilet paper (from Korea).  Korean products are generally very high quality (I'm half-Korean).
The Surgeon General put out a video on how to make a face mask without sewing.  Just Google "how to make face mask without sewing" and there are tons of videos and articles.

Best wishes.


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