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I was wondering if anyone here dealt with excess gas. Lately Ive been extremely gaseous and cant control it. Does anyone have any tips. Its very embarrassing for me.:uhoh3:


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lay off the beans and gassy vegetables :-)


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Yeah i stay away from beans cause there nasty but im a vegetarian.:redbeathe


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Might consider having your gall bladder checked out, if you still have it. Invest in some Beano.


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Beano rocks! Available in tablets or drops. I think that the active ingredient is simethicone. We give it to newborns alot.

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if there is a "trader joe's" grocery store in your area, they sell digestive enzymes that have had great results! :up:



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Simethicone absorbs gas.

Was your food possibly spoiled?

I have had terrible gas pains today, so can relate, but think I ate some questionable food yesterday.

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I suggest that you check with your primary care provider. I'm sorry, but as nurses, we cannot offer medical advice here, so I would urge you to be evaluated if the issue doesn't resolve within a couple of weeks of trying an OTC remedy (such as Beano) or adjustments to your diet.

FWIW, sometimes excess flatulence heralds the onset of gallbladder problems. I had a problem similar to yours about five years ago, and once my GB was out I never had issues again, unless of course I ate too much fatty food or drank too much soda. But again, no one can tell you what's wrong but a qualified physician or nurse practitioner.

I wish you luck in discovering the cause and cure for your problem. I know it can be embarrassing---for awhile, I couldn't even walk down the halls at the hospital I worked in without fear of passing gas. And sometimes, I lost control and did it no matter how hard I tried not to..:chair:

Closing thread now.

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