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Just took my last Nursing I exam and I am proud to say that I finished off the semester with a 84 I just have to take my final next week Thursday and I am done for the semester!!! I am so happy and also very proud of myself....Hey I am now 25% a nurse...3 more semesters to go...and I am ready...I can not believe how much I have learned in just one is trully amazing

Good luck to all taking finals, and to all of the graduates!!!:roll :roll :balloons:


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mmmmm, that must taste good! ;)

congrats! A 25% nurse... you sound like me... I always know exactly the percentage I have to go... right now I am a 50% nurse, having completed all the prereq's and entering an accelerated program in the fall. Trouble is, I know more about anthropology, history and english than actual nursing!:)


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Good luck to you Nurse2bSandy and congrats on going back to school!!


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Lick it, taste it, slurp it!!!!

Honey, it is yours. Just keek up the good work.

Sorry if graphic, just finished my last exam and am toasting my success, Mother's Day and my first wedding anniversary.


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Not too graphic at all Mrs. Walker..Sometimes you just have to say it like it anniversary!!!! Wish me luck for Thursday( my final)

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