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I found a site that has 3 pages of smileys if anyone is interested. They are pretty cute.


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Not only does it have those smileys it also has other types of clipart. Thanks for the link froggy!!! :)


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applause_smiley.gif Thanks for the smiley's Froggy!



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Very cute!!

this is a personal BB that i've helped create but we have several smilies that were listed with the above plus some others.

this is also a very good site for smilies.

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aww froggy...they are cutebutterfly_smiley.gif



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Thanks for the smiley links!!

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Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

applause_smiley.gif Thanks for the smiley's Froggy!


Someone PLEASE tell me how to get these to show up on a post/response??!!

I am not computer savvy!!!!:chuckle :confused: :imbar :uhoh3:

technically, they should be saved to image hosting and added to the smilie section of this board. so you would have to email one of the powers that be to ask them to be added. if you are using the space of someone elses bandwith, that's 'stealing' and just not cool.

if you are getting an image from a web site that allows remote linking then you need to click on the img button when adding a reply post.

a box will pop up asking for the url of the image that you want to use. to get the url, place the cursor over the image and right click. then select properties. the address of the image is displayed. copy and paste that into the box for the image url and click okay.

should work. :chuckle



cute! thanks for the link!!


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Thanks for the links, they are all great.


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