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Thanks for pointing out this text. I just ordered it from Amazon and will definatly use it for my next exams. Anything that will help is well worth the money, just wish I could have had this while I was in Paramedic school 4 years ago.


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OK, I am going to go ahead and order You are Smarter Than You Think as well :) You all have me convinced and I'm excited to read it.


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OK, I just went to amazon and it said the book normally ships in 12-13 days! How long for those of you who ordered it did it take to arrive at your house??

Also I want to make sure I am ordering the correct book, is the author Renee, MA Mollan-Masters. I'm asking because I saw another book on amazon with the same title and a different author.




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Just thought I would pass this on....

Found a website with alot of study tips and tricks.


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Marilyn, yes it is by Renee Mollen-Masters. I got my from the school bookstore. It was 21.75 which wasn't much more expensive than books-a-million (they can order it for you too - maybe quicker to ship than amazon). You may even be able to find it at a nursing school library. It was such a great book (wish I'd had it when I was memorizing stuff for a&p). Another thing that's cool about it, you only have to read like a third of the book (it's a small book anyway) but it means you could do it in a night or two.


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Thanks VaMedic, that web site looks great. I am definately going to be reading that alot.


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ok so i got the book and finished reading it. Ive learned that im a

combination processor for reception

logical/spatial for reorganization

body kinesthetic/knowing self for retention

for reorganiztion and retention i had ties for each and the ties just edged out the others by just 1 point. What does this mean? Also for those with a similar learning style i have, how have you found the system? Benefical or not?


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Somewhere in the book it tells you how to break ties, i think.

i'm combination/spatial/knowing self & others. i have been reading EVERYTHING out loud, and mapping my notes (pullin the bs out of the text and concentrating on the important stuff) it's helped me tremendously - i found that i don't have to study as many hours as i used to and i'm actually storing the info in my ltm instead of stm like before. i don't draw the frilly little pics on flashcards - that'll take up too much time (which you have little of as a nursing student), but w/ just the reading and the "mapping" i've done great so far. i think it suggested using different color pens (i can't break away from the mechanical pencils, so i opted for highlighters instead) :)


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marilynmom-Everything I order from Amazon gets to me within 3 or 4 days. I ordered express shipping the first time, and it took longer than they said it would. So the next time I got standard/regular, and it came quickly everytime after that. I was surprised.

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