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So I just got one of these new smart phones:)! I found out you can download all sorts of applications including medical ones. I was wondering if any of you guys have any suggestions on some helpfull Apps that I should download to help me through nursing :nurse: school? Also what medical Apps do you have on your phone? Thanx

Have a Gr8 day;)


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A better place to post this is Mobile Computing and Nursing forum where this stuff is constantly discussed.

But, to answer your question . . . I use the Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses . . invaluable and to me, much better than Epocrate's

My school gives us the Skyscape software at no cost to us. In that software we have books and resources readily at our fingertips: MedAlert, Archimedes, Davis Lab Tests, English/Spanish phrases, IV Meds, Med-Surg Nursing, NCLEX questions, Drug guides, Taber's Dictionary, and Taylor's Nursing Skills. I use these tools pretty much every day... they are so worth it!

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skyscape, unbound medicine, and medical wizards are probably the three best sellers of pda or smart phone medically related programs on the market today. check out each of their sites. you won't be disappointed.

btw1, i would also like to point out that unbound medicine is also giving away their "relief central" program for free; it's designed for medical relief workers in foreign countries. even if you're not a relief worker, the info supplied in that program is excellent for anyone traveling, vacationing, or simply just interested in other countries.

btw2, if anyone decides to go with skyscape's constellation series programs (which integrates several related programs together) be advised that the constellation programs are huge memory hogs; they will slow your machine down to such a crawl to the point that you may think the machine hung and you're forced to reset it. i've found that the exact same programs, when individually installed, don't have this issue as they are much quicker.

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Thank you so much every one the info was a big help.:)


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Bananimal thanx for the post. Hey what school do you go to, a community college of univeristy? I don't start school till august and I'm wondering If I should hold out buying these programs until I find out if my school offers them free also.


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Skyscape is free no matter what. IDK what kind of phone u have but I have a Blackberry and the internet is very useful as most sites have a mobile site but some apps I have that I did have to pay for are iMobile which is a first aid app, also Diagnosaurus which is like WebMD symptom checker, nursing calculator and medical abbreviations. I also have skyscape and i keep them all in their own folder.


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How do you get Skyscape for free?


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Yeah how do we get it free. I went to the website and there are charges for it?

Sorry I should have been more clear.. my school got a grant in order to give us the phones AND the software for free. I don't think that is typical, I'm sure most schools won't provide something like that. We just got lucky, this was the first year my school has done this.