small Bowel resction post op complications and nursing intervention,


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I would likeyour guidance regarding scholarly articles related to `bowel resection post op complications and nursing care interventions regarding the complications'.I have been searching but i can`t get good recent articles in that perspective.

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Does your school subscribe to any access sites?

Does your school have an online library database that you can access? We have access to our library's databases with paid tuition. We get a username and password and can then login from anywhere. Once you have access to different databases, I recommend CINAHL. This is the main database I use to find peer-reviewed journal articles.

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I'll bet your med/surg textbook has a reference list or bibliography for the chapter on surgery and/or bowel surgery. Use some of those.

Also, I don't usually recommend Wikipedia, but you can look things up there and refer to the references/bibliography at the bottom of the article. Use them, if they are reputable (hint, "" is probably not reputable, but anything published in the AJN, Nursing, AORNJ, JAMA or NEJM or other such will be). Your school librarian can give you a lot of help on how to obtain copies to read yourself (never cite anything you haven't actually read). They love to do that. If yoou don't have a school librarian, go to your public library; they have free interlibrary loan and probably also have accessto CINAHL and Medline.

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Is there not anything in your text books?