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I'm finding it soooooooooo difficult to sleep before day shift which starts at 7AM... I have to wake up at 3 or 4 because I fear I may over sleep. On my days off I go to bed at midnight or 1am because I like to stay up. When I have to work in the Am its impossible to go to bed early because my body wont shut off.. any ideas? I've tried the sleep OTC stuf but hate taking all that..I usually get 4 hrs if that and have to do my back to back 12's :(


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You might could use some tips from the night shift people. By that I mean getting blackout curtains, especially as we move into summer and the sun will not be going down until 9-10pm, when you should be in bed already!

I'm a long-time night shift worker with chronic sleep issues. According to my sleep doctor (yep, had to go there), the best way to get good sleep is to keep a consistent sleep schedule. For me, that would mean staying permanently on a night schedule. For you, that would be changing your sleep schedule permanently to an early morning wake-up.

I can't follow my own advice (I switch back and forth between night and day sleep) and my sleep disorders show it!


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I like to stay up late too, which is why night shift works so well for me, but you will find that even with night shift it's hard getting to sleep in the morning too.

Don't drink caffeine towards the end of your shift, blackout curtains, sleepy time tea (this stuff is amazing), hot shower, no highly stimulating shows before bed. If I think of more ill share.

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Well I'm not sure this will be helpful or even possible for you, but if you are naturally a night owl, how about working night shift?

If I didn't have a family to be awake for, I would be working nights. It just fits my circadian rhythm better.

If you can't switch to nights, then you need to consistently go to bed earlier and wake up early. Retrain your rhythm. It takes time but it works.

No, it's your MIND that wont shut off.

You have to keep the same sleep schedule, days off or days on. Your Circadian rhythm can"t adjust to wild shifts.

Once you go to bed at the same time every night it will get easier.

However I feel your pain.

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