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Skin prep application

by pumpkin314 pumpkin314 (New) New

I am new to the OR and I am having a difficult time grasping how to apply skin preps to arms and legs. I have been shown several times by other OR nurses but it seems that everyone applies the skin preps differently. Any suggestions for resources I can review before I go into a case? Tomorrow is my first day in an ortho room and I will be prepping for a total knee.

TakeTwoAspirin, MSN, RN, APRN

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Generally, you always start at the surgical site. If you are using Duraprep you just paint it on evenly from u-drape/torniquet to foot strap. Make sure you cover everything circumferentially. If it's betadine scrub and paint it's basically the same drill, only you dry off the scrub before painting. Regardless, you are starting at the incision site. Chloraprep has a requirement for "scrubbing" time at the surgical site as well as strict drying times before you are able to drape. Check with your facility policy if you are using chloraprep to be sure you are using it per policy. Other than that it's all basically the same drill.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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Yep. I agree. Start from incision site and work your way peripherally.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Also check your surgeon's preference card for tips- we have one ortho surgeon that still requires a 10 minute scrub (and he will watch to make sure it truly is a 10 minute scrub). It should also list preferences for certain situations, such as for intact skin use chloraprep but if open fracture betadine scrub and paint, or if no scrub done in preop to do both scrub and prep of choice.