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Skills Competency Test!!!


I had my skills competency test today and I passed Wooweee!!! I had to demo auscultating breath sounds. I was soooo petrified. My hands were shaking and i was sweating under my arms sooo bad. I was doing good up until the i got to the posterior part and I was putting my steth too far apart, I was soooo nervous. My instructor made me stop, show her where I'm suppose to position my steth and then start again. I did know what I had to do, but I was just so nervous I didn't realise I was doing it wrong. Anyway I PASSED!!! Such a huge weight off my shoulder. I wish I would have demoed a little better but I'll get over that.

Anyway I just wanted to share. I can't believe the semester is almost over and I made it this far. I don't know weather to shout, scream or cry. I made it this far working 40 hrs to boot!!!!

Congratulations! Now go enjoy yourself for awhile. You deserve it.:balloons:;)


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Congratulations on passing. My instructors are the same way if you start to mess up but can explain how to do it to them. They let you adjust and keep going.

Was that your final? Our finals are soooo hard! We draw from Male or female catheterization, IM injection (5 drugs: MS, Demerol, Phenergan, Heparin, or Insulin, won't know til we start skill) Sterile dressing change: Wet to Dry, Sterile dressing change dry, or Sterile Trach suctioning. We must verbalize goals,assessment,follow up care, pt teaching, possible effects (if we draw IM injection) and documentation.Then we have 20 min to mentally prepare and 20 min to set up and preform the skill, missing no critical points and getting enough non-critical points to pass. We have to demonstrate donning sterile gloves on all skills if if we don't need them for the skill! If we fail from low non-critical points we repeat the skill on another day. If we fail on critical points we repeat the original skill and one other on another day! It is Dec. 4th and I am nervous!:o

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