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SJSU-Spring 2016

by Aliee Aliee (New) New

Just feeling anxious for the result to come out, so I open a thread for SJSU nursing students to post their thoughts~!

GPA: 3.89 (if I calculated correctly)

TEAS score: 88

Impaction score: 7.72

That's a great impaction score! I'm a little on the low side of the spectrum

GPA: 3.5 due to not taking my english class seriously in my first semester of college

TEAs: 90

Impaction score: 7.41 if i calculated correctly

*crossing my fingers

I think you will get in since the cut off score for fall 2015 was 7.25. Don't worry!

When I turned in my application packet, I attached my sealed transcript to the back of packet with a binder clipper. I hope they don't lose it....

Hi, I applied, too. I just calculated my impaction score and it is 7.36. Where did you learn about the 7.25 cut-off score? Does that mean that everyone above that got accepted? (Yep, I know I should have gone to an orientation but SJSU is my back-up plan that I may be needing.)


The last semester cut off score is 7.25,not this semester.

Hi Aliee!

Do you have any idea when they will be notifying us? I could've sworn I read that letters would be mailed around Thanksgiving but now I cannot find the information anywhere. I am incredibly anxious as well :***:

I am not sure about the exact date they will mail out the application, but they mailed out the application before thanksgiving last year. Hopefully, we will get it before thanksgiving ( the week of 23rd) this year.

Good luck to all! The applicant pool should be smaller for this cohort because of the closing off of CSUMentor at an earlier-than-normal date (a little birdie told me).

I am still waiting to hear the results of a petition I filed regarding a recency exemption. I am eligible only if that is approved.:unsure:


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Hi, just a little update.

I was told that "letters should be out by Nov. 20, 2015."

Check your snail mail! I just received my acceptance letter. The postmark is from yesterday, so if you're outside the city you probably won't get it until next week. Good luck to all!

Im so glad I found this thread! Congrats Violetkem! I just received my letter of "Provisional Acceptance" too!! Im so excited I was literally jumping up and down with joy! Good luck to everyone else !! :)

Congratulations to violetkem and sanchez.futureRN! I live in the area code of 95127 and still haven't received a letter. I'm getting so anxious! Good luck to all

Congratulations! I live in Cupertino, and I have not received my letter. I am hoping I can get it tomorrow.

I just received my letter of provisional acceptance today, and congratulations on everyone who got in!

Hey guys, I live in San Jose and just received my acceptance letter today. My impaction score was 7.6, can't wait to meet you all!

I received my letter this afternoon!!!

OMG Congrats to all of you!!! We deserve it for all our hard work! It still feels like I'm dreaming!! SJSU is my first choice so I couldn't be happier. Yay US !!! I can't wait to meet you all at the new student workshop :) :up:

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Congratulations to all of you! I got accepted too. My impact score was only 7.0 so I'm guessing it was pretty low this time around. I got lucky I never even thought I was gonna get in. I was spending so much time looking at community college AA programs so this definitely feels like a dream^^ Cant wait to meet you all at the all day workshop either! Should we make a Facebook page? I know in the past threads they make a Facebook group page for the group cohorts to get to know eachother. It sounds like a good idea let me know if you are all interested and we could make it. Everything is due by Nov 30th right? Has anyone taken their drug tests or background yet???

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