Sitting NCLEX in New Zealand?

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I am a recent nursing new grad in New Zealand.

I have a keen interest in Nursing in the US.

Can someone please inform me of how I go about sitting the NCLEX exam?

From what I have found out so far online, you have to sit the exam in the state you apply for? So am I unable to sit the exam here in New Zealand?- Il have to fly to US to sit in?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Hi There, just wondering if you ever ended up transitioning to the states? I am trying to do the same thing and wanted to hear about your process? Thanks!

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Suggest you check out the Nurse Registration forum as well as the Immigration forum under the World tab above. Also be aware of retrogression and the 3+ years it can take once you have met state requirements and find a employer willing to go the immigration route with you.


I am looking into moving to nurse in the US - did you have any success?

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