Single state license; can I work at any VA?


I have a "Valid Virginia Only" license because I am in a monitoring program (it is considered encumbered). I live near a state line and so the local VA hospital is on the other side of the state line. My mom keeps telling me that even though I have a "Valid VA Only" license, I can still apply at the local VA hospital because it is federal and not state.

I keep trying to explain that it doesn't matter because I still need authorization from TN and they will not give authorization when someone is in a monitoring program. She keeps telling me it is federal and it doesn't matter.

Does anyone know the answer to this? Who is correct, my mom or I?

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She may be right. I know somebody working in PA at a VA with a jersey license.

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But, I am wondering if the encumbered license would have any effect on it? I don't have compact privileges.

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Unfortunately I think the encumbered license will be an issue - I think most federal healthcare jobs specify an "unrestricted" license. You can search for VA jobs on

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That's what I thought. If my license was unrestricted, I would not be asking this question. I would have a compact license and it would not be an issue.

I keep trying to explain that to my parents and they do not listen. Yes, normally, people can work at any VA with any state license; but, that's if it is unencumbered. The encumbered license part is the deal breaker. I just wanted some other opinions.


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You could talk to a VA recruiter. They would be able to answer your question accurately. Good luck