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I am a recent grad and also a single mom of a six year old. It has been a real challenge to find an internship that can guarantee me a permanent shift. Most of the shifts are rotating shifts, so that makes it pretty difficult for me to do. I figure since there is a nursing shortage, hospitals would me more willing to offer more permanent shifts, but that has not been the case. I passed my boards back in April and I would really like to start working. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks.

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Welcome to the boards, tmd. I just got a job at a small rural hosptial that was thrilled that I wanted to work every weekend. I want to be home with my kids during the week, so this worked out perfect. I'm not a single mom, so my husband will care for them while I'm at work. I know It's has to be hard if you have no help. What's great about nursing is you can work three 12 hr shifts and be full time. Some larger hospitals want you to rotate, but maybe a smaller hospital will accomidate you. May God grant you the shift of your dreams.

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I think it probably is because there is a shortage that there isn't a permanent shift. My first job there was no such thing as permanent days, but permanent nights, and evenings were a possibility.

Good luck in finding something. Welcome.

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Ask around in your facility. There are plenty of people who also would prefer the same shift and a switch can be done with staffings help. They work your nights, you work their days, as long as you both are willing and work the same schedule only opposite shifts of each other its doable. I have been doing it now for 2+ years, sure i give up the shift diff. but who cares if i can sleep normal hours. I dont sleep well during the day and its worked out perfectly. However, if the person opposite leaves, you will have to go back to the rotation, unless you find someone else to switch with.

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