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Simmons Direct Entry - 2015 Fall Start


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Sorry you didn't get Simmons. Nashville is a great city though! And the weather is way better than Boston's. Good luck!

That's a bummer, Bostons. Congratulations on Vandy though; I'm with Stewnurse that spending a few years in Nashville would be pretty flat-out awesome, and their program is highly rated. I'm limited to programs in this area because of my kids, or after this past winter, I'd be outta here.

Stewnurse, it goes to show the mailing pattern doesn't have much to do with anything, so hang in there.

Thanks. Still "under review". I'm trying to keep being patient.


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The AANP conference last year was in Nashville and I loved it there!

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is there a facebook group yet for those accepted?

Ive decided to make a fb group since I couldnt find one already.. I named it simmons direct entry msn class of 2018 as there were similar groups for previous classes with that basic title. Looking forward to talking with those thinkong of attending simmons in the fall!


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My status just changed to decision mailed. Fingers crossed that yours did too, stewnurse!!!

P.S. no added line for final transcripts so I'm guessing I didn't get in!

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neeks54, mine didnt have the final transcripts either, but i got in so stay hoepful! I think they put it in if youre still talking prereqs.. I finished all of mine & they had all my grades already so that might be why!


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I was accepted!!!!! I'm completely shocked! Jade, the group you made doesn't seem to come up when I search for it on FB.

Hi Neeks,

Congrats! Search for Simmons direct entry MSN class of 2018


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I don't know why but it only shows me the groups for 2015, 2016, and 2017.


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Thanks! Just requested!

Awesome news! Congratulations! Still nothing for me yet...

I finally got my acceptance letter! It's a provisional acceptance because I still have prereqs. Does anyone else have to enroll in the Dotson Bridge program? That's my other requirement.

Hi everyone! Long time reader first time writer. Is anyone else is still waiting to hear back from Simmons? I havent heard from them in a bit and I was wondering if anyone else is on the same boat! Thanks!


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Hello, I just got word that I was accepted into the Fall 2015 Simmons FNP program. I am not on FB so I am trying to connect with other students through email