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Simmons Direct Entry - 2015 Fall Start


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So I just called the office of admissions because my status still says under review & they told me that they are still processing most of the applications as things have gotten misconstrued due to all the snow storms. They said they are updating everything as they go then sending letters in smaller groups as opposed to all as a whole, so that makes me feel a little less worried! Hoping to hear something soon, waiting is the hardest part. Goodluck to those still waiting to hear back!

Thanks for the news. I'm glad to know they're sending letters out in waves, makes me feel better.


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Thanks for sharing! That's really helpful. Now, we just have to wait however long it is until our wave gets mailed!

MRunner, no FA/scholarship information was included with the letter; just a line saying if you applied for student loans and have questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance. I'm poking around on my own and will post any information I find.

I have an interview with NE Thursday (they emailed yesterday); so it's a matter of days versus weeks/months for all of us now. Hang in there!

I emailed Simmons last night, and they said that if you were given a scholarship it would have been included in the letter of acceptance... disappointing!

My status now says "Decision Mailed." Seeing as I live in Seattle it might be a couple days until it reads "Decision Opened."


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Congrats! Mine is still unchanged (so frustrating)! I've got my fingers crossed that mine may change by the end of the day ;)

My status just changed to "decision mailed" !! Still super anxious, but hoping for good news since Simmons is my top choice!

Has everyone who got a letter been accepted or has anyone heard of a rejection letter coming this early?

Finally received my letter and was accepted! Congrats to everyone and good luck to those who still haven't heard!

That is a very good question. I'm still waiting. Waiting for either answer. I just need to know!

Congrats!! That is awesome news. Have fun celebrating!

Congratulations, Lulu!

BostonS, So far, I haven't heard of anyone whose status changed to 'decision mailed' getting a rejection letter.

Just got my letter & Ive been acceptedd!! Im so excited!


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Congrats everyone! My application still says file under review. Every day it stays that way feels like a decline in my chance of acceptance...

Denied. My wife called me to tell me. Bummer.

Oh well. Looks like I'm headed to Vanderbilt.