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I signed up to work tonight 7p to 7a overtime. Our "Critical Staffing Pay" is time and a half plus bonus. The bonus for 7p to 7a is $160.

I got a message this afternoon from a coworker "they gave me today off, can we switch Friday for you working tonight". Essentially this will erase my bonus.

Saying no is not an option since we faithfully switch with each other all the time. He knows he can count on me.

But since management gave him the day off without asking me to switch, can I still ask for the critical pay bonus?

Of course, I could just tell him no, and keep my hours and let him just take vacation time (which has an abundance of I know).

I might give him my Friday as he is asking me to do, and sign up for extra on Friday.

But what if they don't need me on Friday and cancel me? Can I still claim bonus for Tuesday. Or am I being do greedy. Are you confused? I am. LOL


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I am confused.

So, they already gave him tonight off? But now he's willing to work it, if you trade him another day (Friday)?

I guess it would depend on the reason he wants to trade. I mean, is it a serious reason, or would he just rather have the bonus? There are people I can count on to work with me if I need a day off, or vice versa. But not just if they wanna screw me outta my bonus, know what I mean?


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Not exactly. I was signed up to work OT. When he asked management for the day off (it's very important, his wife is having chemo every Tuesday), they gave himt he day off knowing I would be here. He then called me and said he would work my Friday for me since I was working tonight. But I'm not here for him, I'm was signed up to come anyway. Making sense?


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Could you just tell him that you were already signed up to work for that shift, and offer to trade another shift? (sounds like he might need the money, and wants to save vacation time in case he needs to be off with his wife and has no alternative.) How important is the bonus money to you right now? (Would it keep you from putting a needed expense -- insurance, medical bill, heat for your home, food, as examples -- on a credit card, or would it be play money or simply allow a more expensive holiday gift?) If you happened to remember it a year from now, would one decision in retrospect, be better than the other?


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It's up to you. Do you want the hours and the bonus money or not? Somebody is not going to get what he/she wants. Why should it be you?


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So what did you do?


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Well, I think I'm going to let him take my Friday and do an even swap Tuesday for Friday, as if I'd never signed up extra for Tuesday. He's been good about switching with me when I've needed him. I'd like to keep the good vibes going.

Then I'm going to sign up for overtime/bonus money on Friday, since I'm no off on Friday as he is working for me. Make sense? If I get canceled and loose my overtime for this week, not a big deal, it's only for some household expenses that are already on my credit card.

Yikes, I got a headache.

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