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Signing up for more than one nursing program

by zbb13 zbb13 Member

Hi. Many of us are in the same boat...waiting for our acceptance/rejection letters.

I have read previous posts (re: City Colleges of Chicago) where pre-nursing students are accepted into more than one program, and they accept both. Then they wait for the orientations, check out whatever, and finally making a decision, letting the one school know that they will not actually be attending.

On behalf of those of us who may end up on waiting lists:

Please choose one program. With due diligence, you should really know which one you prefer by now. You are taking the seat of one of us, and if we are notified very late that it is open, we have lost the opportunity to pick and choose our classes and instructors. Some of us have very busy lives and schedules, and we need to pre-plan for the school year, and it causes extreme pressure since the health requirements (immunizations, etc) have to be met by a certain time.

If you hear a friend/acquaintance tell you they are going to do this, please try to discourage them. Hope you all agree.


I am currently on a wait list. Its driving me insane. Good luck all of you.

The courteous and respectful thing to do is to inform the losing program as soon as the decision is made which program one will attend. If not out of respect for the other students that this affects, then respect for the program that tendered the seat to you in the first place. Somewhere in life you may be on the waiting end of someone's decision, and will hope that they extend the same courtesy.

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Agreed. Karma... Nursing karma... Buuuuurrrrr ::chills::



:up:i totally agree!:yeah:

Good point!! I agree, figure out what you want and make a choice!