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Signing contract during interview?


Hi all,

I had an interview with a hospital that made me sign a paper that I assumed was a contract stating that if I was chosen for the new grad program it is a 2 year stay. During the interview the panel said to read over it and sign it. The bottom of the paper stated such as if I don't stay the full 2 year no recommendations would be given by the hospital, also you need written/verbal explanation to why you are leaving program

My question is that this is only the interview and I was given this paper to sign about the 2 year contract If chosen. During the interview I was a little confused because if they call me back next week if they decide to offer me a position in their new grad program that I can't decline the offer? Or will I have the ability to decline the offer?

If anyone can shed light on this,

None of us can answer that without actually seeing the contract, and the TOS of this site forbid giving any legal advice, anyway. Your best bet would be to ask an attorney who can look at the actual contract (they did give you a copy of what you signed, didn't they?). Many attorneys offer an initial consultation at no cost. Best wishes!

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