sickle cell crisis...when enough is enough....


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leslie :-D

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living w/sickle cell is a horrible way to exist.

what we perceive as non-compliant is often the pts' way of knowing what works and what doesn't.

and the treaters don't listen.

one time yrs ago, i had a very minor injury.

for awhile, there was an ischemic process that caused me alot of pain.

i couldn't believe that something so minor could be so painful.

i just can't even pretend to imagine the pain of a sickle cell crisis.

i say, whatever it takes.

and to get this population ongoing,effective and reliable treatment.


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standard.........walking in the door we give

10 mg morphine every hour for the first 2 hours

with 15 mg morphine on the 1/2 hour.

then we go to a pca pump in the ED.

( yes it's crazy i know)

I've seen 4 people intubated in the last 6 months on this protocol.

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Sorry but even hard drug users are treated for pain when they are in pain. Some health care providers I think have a hard time dealing with people in sickle cell crises, it can come across as someone just being drug seeking. These people are truly in pain that most of us really don't understand.

Feel sorry for her condition, but she is a hardened addict and that has complicated her condition and put the doctors in a compromising position.

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