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shut off at 75

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You are reading page 2 of shut off at 75. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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Same here. Shut off at 75 and I was sure I passed. Looked up some of the questions I wasn't sure about and got them wrong. Now I'm sure I failed, but I didnt.

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BrentRN has 39 years experience as a PhD and specializes in Pediatric Nursing and Educational Technology.

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Of the 75 questions you took only 60 counted toward passing. This means that 15 were being tested and may not have been well written or were extremely difficult to see how you would do. Those are the questions you will remember and they can make you feel like you did not do well enough.

The NCLEX only shuts off at 75 if you did well or very very poorly. If you did really poorly you would have felt like you were struggling with every question. 

I always tell my grads that if it shut off at 75 and you did not feel like you messed up nearly every question then you passed! I have never been wrong on this observation.

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