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So I took the NCLEX today and after we lost power for a moment I was eventually shut off at 232 questions! I got plenty of SATA's and priority, but I also feel some of the questions were kinda easy?! Im just so nervous. Any advice? Thanks!



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I felt like that too! I'm sure you did GREAT!!! Just try to keep busy and keep your mind off it! I know its harder said than done. I took mine the 15th and the waiting was horrible but my whole house was spotless! :)


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Just an FYI: if your testing center lost power (even for a moment) it will trigger an incident report (NOTHING to do with you, EVERYTHING to do with the fact that there was a power outage).

This will likely create a Hold for your results until everyone's tests are reviewed carefully to make sure there were no breaches. Holds typically last anywhere from 24-72 hours; I'm telling you this so that you don't flip out if you do the PVT---for you, it's an utter waste of time. You won't learn a thing if your results are on Hold status.

Also.....if you are in a State that participates in Quick Results, you MIGHT not have your results available at the 48-hour mark. Might take a bit longer (see reasons above).

I'm not saying this to worry you, it is NOT a reason to worry. It is only because I'd expect to see you posting "my results are on hold, what does this mean?!?" and I'm heading you off at the pass :)

Good luck!



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Thanks for encouragement! I actually did try the trick when i got home (I have NO will power) and it did tell me my records were on hold, so i did freak a little bit. I just checked again just now and it only gives the good pop up where it says i already have scheduled an exam and cannot reschedule nothing about my records being on hold! So hopefully thats a good thing!!!!