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We use "Glycerin Slivers" in other words we just take a peds suppository and a scapel and cut it down to size

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What is going on In the US ????

In 10years of NICU 23weekers and up I have never needed to or heard of having to give glycerin or Supps to bubs !!!

We do not have a problem with constipation here why is that ??

If a bub has not done the firat Poo in 48hrs we will do a " Tickle " with a cotton bud...if there is a bub with firm stools we give brown sugar and water.

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Could you elaborate on the brown sugar and water? I've never heard of that. ;>)

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We USED to use Karo syrup (dark) to stimulate stooling, but then it was found to have botulinum (sp?) spores so nix on that idea--but it did work. Haven't done anything but glycerin or rectal stim. And I can't imagine why it's different down under, but apparently it is, so???? I'm not sure I'd want to give anything up top w/o know the bottom is working.

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we give half teaspoon brown sugar mixed with 3-5mls warm water (orally ) to prevent constipation if we notice firm stools.

I have never seen a constipated bub...maybe its that we use more EBM and MCT oil to fatten them up than you guys do ?

do you use alot of 24cal formulas ?

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