shouldi quit nursing school 2 years in?


I am 20 years old attending college for an RN-BSN degree. I am in my sophomore year (freshmen year was all pre-requesite classes) and just started clinicals. Since high school, I've been set on going into nursing. I only did this because I knew I was interested in the medical field and liked learning about health/science, but actually facing the reality of nursing...I'm not so sure I like it. I have been a nursing assistant at a nursing home for 2 years and HATE it. It's always been a fear that nursing would be similar to a nursing assistant (I've gotten mixed opinions). I dread going to clinicals, and I just keep hearing how so many nurses hate their jobs and how incredibly stressful it is. I was considering working at a clinic, but I did some research and found out that most nurses that work in doctor's offices need years of experience at a hospital before they can work there. I really don't think working in a hospital as a nurse is for me. Would it be a mistake to switch majors? I've been thinking about maybe going for a Radiation Therapist degree because it is still in working in health care but it doesn't seem so stressful (and they make more money). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! SOjSYkJ8QEA

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No. Don't quit. Stay in your major.

It may seem like you don't like it now, but once you get your license and on your own, it will be a different kind of experience.

Give bedside nursing a chance. Ignore what the research says. Only you can judge what is best for yourself.

Experience it and if you don't like it, then switch specialties.

After putting 2 years in it seems kind of crazy to quit and start completely over, especially because you don't know what it'll feel like once your licensed and working on your own. I would say just stick it out and see how you like it once your graduated, licensed, and have a little experience.

I hope things get better for you!

Since you already have it going, go ahead and finish it. You may like it once the real money starts. If not, nursing would be a good weekend job while you go back to another program and you will always have your nursing degree to fall back on later in life if you keep it renewed. You are being smart by studying healthcare because that is where jobs for new grads are, the business majors will all be lining up at the nursing school door when they find out they can't get a job because they dont have experience.