Should my kid do nursing?

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Hello all. My daughter is 19, and about to start AD/RN nursing school, which at least will let her support herself while she figures out the rest of life. (I'm still trying to do that for myself.) She's getting a little freaked out about the unhappy stories she reads on the boards here - what do you all think? Thanks in advance.

I tease my 9 year old son incessantly that when he grows up he will be a nurse/priest (that is, both). It drives him nuts and he repeatedly lets me know that he intends to do NEITHER.

When I entered my diploma program about 25 years ago our DON stood up and told us she had a daughter entering nursing school. She told us how proud she was and that though you may want your daughter or son to be a nurse, you cannot force it, it must be their idea.

My sis-in-law, a nurse, fretted when her son went to paramedic school. She said to me, "But he doesn't know what he's getting into!!!" And I replied, "Neither did we! Why should he be any different?"

I would be honored if my son went into nursing or any other service profession. Service definitely has its' problems, but it teaches you a lot and presents constant challenge. Besides, dad, it's not your decision to make.

Let her know that every career path has its' challenges but you want her to do something that she will enjoy and have many growth opportunities.

Let her fly free.

I'd have to disagree. I like nursing very much. Tell her better yet to go into the military as a



pleeeeeeease don't throw me into that briar patch.....

in other words.....tell her how horrid it is "out there" and she will run toward it straight as an arrow.

my mama always told me how dirty, filthy etc being a nurse was......made me want it more and more.....but she talked me into getting a business degree first. i did, i have those "letters behind my name....not really the thing is in a drawer or a box somewhere. i was very good at it (business) and hated every minute.

my daddy said one thing......"grandmama (his mama) always wanted to be a nurse but her mama wouldn't let her." guess what.......i then did what *i* wanted a nurse.......

my daddy just about burst with pride when i got that diploma.......he took at least a dozen pictures. it was meet my daughter....she's a trained nurse.....(old time southern term-nothing offensive to me).

bottom line is let her do what she wants to do, what she is inclined to do......we didn't know what we were getting into but we're working on making it better........and just maybe when she finishes.....things will be better.

to mark's go girl......your education as a nurse will never be wasted. if you don't like it you can get some more letters behind your name, more brass buttons on your badge, but inside you'll have some awesome knowledge.

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