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Should I work as a CNA this summer?

ramseyer ramseyer (New) New

I need a summer job before I head off to college and I have my CNA license but the nursing homes in my area aren't the best and I know that some CNA's get burnt out from the medical field all together after working as a CNA. I wouldn't love doing it, but the pay is good and it looks good to future employers. Any advice is appreciated :)

I would plan on working as a tech at a hospital if you want to work on an inpatient unit after college.

Also, I am not sure how easy it would be to get someone to hire you just for the summer, but a nursing home would be easier to hire than most hospitals, I would think.

Sorry, one more thing :)

Being a CNA is exhausting, you are right. But working in a hospital (looks better than a nursing home when you look for new grad jobs, in my opinion) or a nursing home would help if you are planning on applying for new nurse jobs in a competitive area (popular hospitals/specialties, DFW area, etc.)

YES! Work as a CNA! It's the best experience to set you up for being an RN. I was a CNA summer between sophomore and junior year. I learned much more working as a CNA I think than I did in clinical. Try and get a job as a CNA in a hospital. That will be the best experience. In hospitals those positions are often called PCA's so look out for that. It's the same thing. It also looks REALLY good for hiring. I did CNA for a year and now I just accepted my an nursing externship at my dream hospital for this summer before my senior year!


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