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  1. cel589

    Upenn vs Drexel Acute PNP

    Hello! I'm currently a peds RN in Philadelphia. I've been researching programs and shadowing NP roles the past year and finally have decided that acute care PNP is what I want to do. The two programs that Ive been looking into are UPenn and Drexel. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on either program. The big differences that I've noted in my research is: cost (Upenn being much more expensive), Drexel is primarily online, admissions timelines, and Upenn finds preceptors for you. I was wondering if anyone who is currently in either program or already graduated could highlight your experience (instructors, difficulty, balancing work/school, finding a job). My biggest concerns are how a completely online NP program would be, and if the reputation of Upenn is worth the money but any further information on either program would help. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I've been an RN at a Pediatric Hospital for about 1.5 years. I'm planning to take my CPN exam this winter. I've already taken a review course offered by my facility but had to postpone studying due to a few vacations I had planned. I was wondering if anyones taken it recently and how long you studied for? I've heard people say they've studied for a few weeks and some say 3 months... thanks!
  3. cel589

    What's night shift like in pediatrics?

    I agree that it definitely varies by floor/setting. My floor is primarily babies / young children usually under 2. So having a 4 patient assignment with babies is pretty similar to day shift in that they still have to wake every 3 hours to feed, change diaper, vitals q4h, IVF, up to q1h assessments for certain illnesses, meds, etc. Meds are usually q6h or q8h around the clock so just as many as dayshift. I will say though even if I'm personally doing the same interventions as dayshift it tends to be a quieter, slower shift (on a normal night with none of my patients acting up) due to the fact that its night and it's quiet, parents are sleeping, there aren't constant visitors like dayshift (PT, OT, Speech, Consults), there aren't road trips (OR, IR, Radiology, Swallow studies, endoscopies), and there generally aren't changes in plan of care throughout the night unless it's an acute issue. For me, a typical night is much calmer because of this but definitely still steady with things to do every hour. Also, babies and kids love to keep you on your toes and crump in the middle of the night!
  4. cel589

    CPN Exam

    Hello! I'm planning to take my CPN exam this upcoming fall. I wanted to start studying soon. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good review book. I was hoping to find a book specifically aimed at the CPN exam review but have had difficulty find one. Thank you!
  5. cel589

    Any acute care PNP's?

    Hello! I've been searching around and have not found any recent topics on this. I'm currently an RN at a children's hospital on a medical unit that's skill level is comparable to a step-down unit. I've known I wanted to go back to school but I've just been searching for the right path for me. I was wondering if there are any acute care PNP's out there who can give me some guidance about what unit you work on, day to day responsibilities, if you're comfortable, and how it was in the beginning. My biggest hesitation is that I felt as an RN I learned majority of what I know on the job (As opposed to textbooks/in school). I'm nervous that that will be the same for NP and i'll be in way over my head with the responsibilities of a NP in the beginning before I really know what i'm doing. I think I'm just rambling now and not quite making sense but any advice would really help! Also as a side note, I've always loved the ED environment. My hospital (all peds) strongly discouraged working in our ED until at least 18 moths experience so I'm still thinking about trying to transfer this year. Do you think that would be more beneficial to me as opposed to my medical unit? Thank you!
  6. cel589

    Not Hiring New Grads in ER's

    Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate everyone's advice. I've applied for ER as my senior capstone but it's not guaranteed you get your first choice. I agree with above posters and truly believe there is a place for every nurse! I'm definitely willing to start in a smaller ER or on a different floor if it leads to me to my end goal and as a more prepared and experienced nurse. Thank you everyone!
  7. cel589

    Not Hiring New Grads in ER's

    Thank you both for the help! I really appreciate it. @dishes- I definitely know how difficult it is for new grad RN's getting jobs and I'm just as nervous for myself. I did get very lucky and got my dream externship at a really great hospital who usually hires most of their externs after graduation. However, they don't hire new grads into the ER so I don't know if it's worth it to try to get an ER job at a smaller hospital when I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to most likely get a job at an amazing hospital right out of school. I will definitely take your advice and try to talk to the nurse managers during my externship and get their advice on the topic! Thank you!
  8. cel589

    Not Hiring New Grads in ER's

    Hello! I'm going into my 4th and final year of nursing school and have a quick question about ER nursing. I know it's what I want to do. I've spent weeks outside of my clinical's shadowing in different ER's and love every minute of it. However, the hospitals near me including the one I will be doing my externship at this summer do not hire new grad RN's into the ER. I completely understand this but it faces me with a dilemma. Do you think it's better to get a different job at one of these large, urban hospital's where i really want to work and wait until I could possible transfer/ get a new job in the ER there or is it better to start at a smaller hospital whose ER hire's new grads and then try and find a job at a large, city ED. Also, if I decide to try to pursue a different job for a year or two until I have enough experience to apply to an ED, where would you guys recommend? Thank you in advance!!
  9. cel589

    Should I work as a CNA this summer?

    YES! Work as a CNA! It's the best experience to set you up for being an RN. I was a CNA summer between sophomore and junior year. I learned much more working as a CNA I think than I did in clinical. Try and get a job as a CNA in a hospital. That will be the best experience. In hospitals those positions are often called PCA's so look out for that. It's the same thing. It also looks REALLY good for hiring. I did CNA for a year and now I just accepted my an nursing externship at my dream hospital for this summer before my senior year!
  10. cel589

    CHOP externship 2015

    I got a call this morning with an offer! I'm so excited! Did anyone else year back?
  11. cel589

    CHOP externship 2015

    I received the reference email last week as well. I'm guessing we will find out this week. I am so nervous! What units did everyone interview for?
  12. cel589

    CHOP externship 2015

    I am extremely grateful to even have been selected for an interview! Definitely something we should be proud of! 4west seashore was the same , 2 externs. I thought my interview went fairly well.. I get so nervous and speak so fast! I hope we find out earlier than March 27.
  13. cel589

    CHOP externship 2015

    I hope we find out soon too!! Do you know anyone else who interviewed there? I'm from the area but I don't go to school here so I'm nervous that not having any clinical's at CHOP is a big disadvantage for me. I guess I just have to hope for the best! 50/150 are terrifying odds!
  14. cel589

    CHOP externship 2015

    Hi! I haven't heard anything yet since the interview! I'm still waiting for the reference step to be emailed to complete that. I interviewed on the 4west seashore house. What about you?! Waiting over a month to find out is so hard!
  15. cel589

    Interview Thank You Letter

    Thank you for your help! Is there anything you can think of that I can include/attach that's not obnoxious that will really make me stand out..? They interviewed a total of around 200 people for the hospital (not sure how many on the specific unit I did). I know I do have a lot of experience and would be a great extern I'm just nervous I'm not too good at interviews my nerves usually get the best of me and I would love to do something that would really make me stand out. Thank you!