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So, I got a travel contract offer in another state for an ICU within an LTAC. I am relatively new, one year of ICU experience (4 in total as an RN) so I expected to not be able to find the best of the best first time around. But, the place I'm looking into (been offered a contract) is located in Arizona. They take Drips, vents, code and rapid teams just like normal unit, except the fact that there is no doctor to respond to these codes (they're being ran by the nursing supervisor) and are on paper charting. I'd love to go and experience something new, but I need some guidance lol. Should I wait another year and then travel? I was thinking about going to a different unit just to learn something new before travelling. Any advice is welcomed!

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While the assignment may sound cool, it also sounds like it would be better for a more seasoned traveler. No physician support is pushing it for you at this stage. Don't let the rosy picture the manager or agency paints you affect you!

You can become a successful traveler with only one year but it increases your risk of failure dramatically and unnecessarily. I'd recommend another year and you will be better prepared for assignments of this nature.


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I appreciate your advice. I actually have an interview next week for a float ICU position where I will float to al the different units within this hospital system. If I get that position, I will wait another 6 months to a year and then travel.


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That is a great position to gain experience quickly!