Should I take these online classes to make my resume stand out?


I'm a new grad trying to get a job in the OR, and I'm doing whatever I can to make my resume stand out. I've gotten the obvious ACLS (and working on my PALS), and I'm considering taking online self study classes from The two classes that I think are relevant to OR nursing are "Ramsay Scale, Propofol, Propofol Infusion Syndrome" and "Anesthesia Awareness In the Surgical Patient."

Is accreditation of these two classes worth putting on my resume? They're each one credit apiece (online classes on range from 1-15 credits) and don't cost a lot. I'm afraid they may look like fluff to a recruiter.

Your thoughts? Also, do you recommend any other classes I should take on or otherwise?

BrendaH84, BSN

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i think if it was between u and someone who did not have acls and anesthesia awareness etc , i would pick you.