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Should I Stay in Mother/Baby Unit or go to MedSurg After Graduation?

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I am a 46 year old who will be graduating from nursing school in May 2020. I work as a nurse assistant in a mother baby unit. I really like my coworkers and could picture myself staying there until retirement, but I'm worried if I got a job, I might never get off of night shift. I'm also concerned that I might limit my learning experiences. Would it be better to try to get a medsurg position right out of school? I feel like several job listings require a year of medsurg experience.

Dear Worried,

Congrats on your upcoming graduation this semester!

I would recommend getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a different practice setting. MedSurg is always a good option right out of school because you will learn fundamental skills and be exposed to a variety of conditions that you won't see in a mother baby unit.

What you like a year after graduation and practicing nursing is often very different than what you think you will like when you are a student. Starting broad rather than narrow gives you the basis for more options. A year in MedSurg will be well spent.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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