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Well, I've been fighting to get documentation of my learning disability. I went to the psychologist that the school even recommended me to and was even formally diagnosed AGAIN with a learning disability in math. However, it seems that because I have a 3.7 GPA and have passed my math classes, they don't feel as though I need accommodations. I seriously feel as though I'm being held back for doing well in school.

I'll post the conversation so that you all may view it and just see if I am over-reacting or if I should seek legal advice. Before I went to the psychologist, all that I was going to be given was extra time (that was with the paperwork from the 3rd grade stating I have an LD, however, there was no formal diagnosis of what areas in which I struggled). I even contacted the company that made the TEAS and they said as long as I have A documented disability pertaining specifically to math, that I could be allowed the use of a basic four-function calculator. This leads me to believe that it may just be discriminatory against me; but why?

I had to work twice as hard in my math classes than my fellow students to just PASS. Now I'm being told that because I've succeeded this far, I've given them just enough rope to hang me with.


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I would seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced in disability litigation. Your post sounds like just the sort of problem they would be interested in tackling.

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We can't provide legal advice but certainly if you feel this would help the situation, contact an attorney.