Should I retake the TEAS?


I took the TEAS version 4 about a year ago and my scores weren't all that great. My cumulative was a 74% and I'm considering retaking it. I was at a community college and as long as your scores were above a 70% cumulative and a 62% on the reading you would get put on the waiting list. Since I have been put on the waiting list I have transferred to a university and finished all of my prerequisites for the BSN program. Admission is very competitive and I'm considering retaking the TEAS in hopes of getting a better score. They are offering the TEAS V and I'm not sure if I should retake because it sounds like it is a lot more difficult. I have a 3.9 GPA but standardized tests have never been one of my strong points. What should I do?!


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Every college/university is the different when it comes to the TEAS. Some now require the TEAS V and all of them have different score requirements. You need to check w/the college to get this info. Best of luck!


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I would buy the TEAS study manual and online sample test assetments from the ATI website. You can get a pretty good idea of what score you will get on the TEAS V if you were to take it, then based on that - if you score well I would take it again. I scored within 3% of my practice teas tests. Best of luck. Btw great job on the gpa!!