Should I retake college courses for higher gpa to get in nursing program?


Bio189: C

COM 101: B

ENG101: A

MATH 126: C

PSY101: A

SOC101: A


Im trying to get into the nursing program.. will my current 3.14 gpa be enough?

Or should I retake Math and Bio to get at least a B?

I have to take Bio 223,224,251 still but I plan on getting bs in all those

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We don't know what nursing program you're asking about. Even if we did, we don't know that program's entrance criteria. Have you tried asking the admissions department of that school?

Besides, the minimum GPA usually does not matter in competitive programs. There are usually enough 3.9+ applicants to fill the slots. It just depends on the program.

Go to the source for dependable answers.

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My program only considered the GPA of science courses. You would have a solid "C" average by their standards.

I had a 3.7 in my sciences and only got into my program as an alternate. Every program calculates eligibility in a different manner, so you do really need to check with the actual program.


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Want to point out too: Most schools won't let you retake courses. They want to avoid people doing exactly what you're talking about.......retaking the course for GPA reasons alone. This, of course, only applies to classes you received a C grade or better in.

When you go to ask about retaking the courses, don't lead with "I need a better GPA for the nursing program."

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*if* your program allows repeats - you need A's - not B's - in both bio and math.

And you need A's - not B's - in all your remaining courses.

Do the work. Get the A's.