Should I do NP now ??


Hi all,

Should I spent $23000 /semester fees for an IVY League nursing school's NP program when I already have BSN and MSN. I have 3 yrs floor experience in pediatrics plus 6 years teaching experience in a nursing program. I have a good teaching job but my mom wants me to be an FNP. any input is appreciated.

What do you want to do? It doesn't really matter what your mom thinks unless she is going to go to work for you every day.

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Honestly, as the PP stated, it's your choice. Do you want to be a nurse practitioner? If you love your current job and have absolutely no genuine intention of a change in profession - listen to yourself, not your mother. Do what makes you happy. This is your life, not your mother's life.

Also, I'd never pay 23K per semester for a NP program. Your 23K is more than what I'm paying for all 6 semesters of my FNP program. That tuition is absolutely ridiculous. Ivy league or not, that price is crazy. I would not want that burden of debt when I'm finally stress-free from school, don't want the added stress to then pay it all off. What more could that program teach you than mine for 4-6 times more money? Just my opinion, that's way too much money.