Should I just give up?


OK so I do not have the highest GPA - my overall GPA is 3.01 and my OU pre-nursing GPA is 3.0.

I was trying to get into the 2nd degree BSN program at OU by getting my BIS degree and was denied twice.

I keep hearing that the community college ADN programs are even more slammed with people applying then the four years are. In the past 30 days I have applied to the traditional programs at OU, UDM, SVSU, USF, MCC, Schoolcraft, EMU, SC4 and Morehead in KY. I have yet to hear anything but suspect that I will not get into any of them.

I am currently working at the GREATEST hospital in the world - Henry Ford West Bloomfield - in an entry level position and am told over and over again that based on my observed critical thinking skills, natural ability to empathize with everyone I come in contact with and a clear passion for care-giving that I will make a great nurse. Sounds great but it seems that none of these programs care about the person and only focus on the GPA.

I have considered going somewhere like Baker but the whole concept of penalizing anyone for transferring credits smacks of an organization that only seems to care about how much cash they can get out of a person. I am sure that these are decent programs but it seems like they drain a lot of cash out of people and then do not even let them into the actual program.

I have never been one to give up on any goal that I have set for myself but I am seriously considering throwing in the towel and just accepting that I do not have a place in nursing. It truly kills me inside to say this as the more time that I spend with patients the more I want to do for to assist them. I have an honest passion for care-giving and do not see another area where this can be put to use but at this age - 34 - the clock is running out for me.

Any advice?

As a 44 year old (prior BS) I am "attempting: to get into a local CC's ADN program. You are absolutely correct- it is ALL about the GPA and an entrance test. To be honest- if you don't have a 3.75 (minimum) then you won't gain entrance in Michigan. From my research that goes for many of the colleges you listed. I know because I've researched the same ones.

Please understand that I have had to re-take classes from 20 years ago that I got a B in just to have the A! I get no financial aid because I already have a bachelors. So, I have paid for them twice.

This is THE HARDEST thing I have EVER... done and I've done many things in my lifetime. The truth is ~ if you want it bad enough you WILL get the grades! Harsh but true.

I wish you the best on your journey. I hope you do some soul-searching and make good decisions for yourself and for your lifetime!

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Did you retake classes at OU to bring your GPA up? You said that you applied twice so I am assuming you didnt reapply with the same GPA. I dont want to seem harsh, but as you were taking classes , when you got your first B and then your second B in pre-nursing did you try to figure out a stratagy for getting a higher grade or identify your weak areas? For some people it could just be a matter of having enough time to study. Did you take too many classes per semester?


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First of all.....never, ever give up on your dream--as long as it remains a dream for you. Do not be discouraged. Know that you can, and keep with it!! I do agree with both above responses....I too have a bachelor's degree and am currently finishing up prereqs so I can apply to OCC and Macomb's ADN programs this winter. GPA is key. All the qualities that you are being told you have that will make you a great nurse are ALL TRUE and much needed in the profession. However, a strong understanding of how the body works and signs and symptoms (i.e. bring up that GPA), are a critical component of being a nurse. You can do it! Plus, it will take you two years to get your ADN (provided you have the prerequisites completed), and then the hospital you already work for will likely pay for you to complete your BSN (which is mostly online)!! Win-win!! So hang in there and don't let anyone--including yourself--discourage you. :-)


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Usually schoolcraft won't accept an application unless you meet all the requirements. You should have had to sit down with a counselor to finish the application, which includes taking and interpreting your scores of the TEAS test; if you did that and they accepted that and your other grades you are in. Applying to the nursing program is different from applying to the school, however the waitlist is until 2015, so I would persue other options. I have been waiting for a year and a half. And I finally get to start in 2011 so about 7 more months.


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Boy, oh boy, you sound like me! I have been applying everywhere in this area for the last 3 years and haven't gotten in anywhere. I just wanted to give you my 2 cents about will take you probably 3-4 years to complete their ADN program. I just met with an academic advisor in August and that is what she told me. So, you could always get things going there and keep applying elsewhere. That way when something finally comes up, you will be ready. I have applied to every ABSN program in southeast Michigan and haven't been accepted to any of them :( I totally understand the frustration. I've decided that I will apply to OU one more time and maybe EMU one more time (next spring) and if I don't get in again, I will take the hint. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.


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I just need to get past the NET (I'm taking it next month), and my chem, then I can go on the waitlist at HFCC. In the meantime I'll work on my co-reqs and try applying at other schools...

It's very frustrating I know, this whole application process, this way I know I'll always have good ol' HFCC as my back up plan... Even if it takes a little longer to get started than I'd hoped... Really makes me wish I would've stuck to my schooling years ago when I first attempted to get into the program.. Just wasn't my time I guess.... :)


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I found out today that I was accepted into the BSN program at UDM with a start date of Winter 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx to everyone for the great words of advice!

I am gonna be a nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yeah::redpinkhe:redbeathe:yeah:


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Yayyyy!! Congratulations!!! :-) UDM has a great program too, you should be very proud of yourself!

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awww thats such good news!!!! I just read through al the posts! You're at my sister school too! I start nursing school in january at Madonna University :)


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Congrats for making it into a program!! That just goes to show you that you can never give up on what you want in life!! Enjoy these last few months and get ready to put in the work it takes to get what you've been dreaming of! be sure to come back and keep us posted!!


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Congrats! How exciting! :) They have a really good program there. Enjoy your last few months of freedom. Haha. It will be great. I know someone who got into their program too and she is enjoying it, but says it is a lot of hard work, of course. :)