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Uhm, I'm a "waitress" in your eyes.

The job market is tight, no denying it. I'm in my 50s and if I had to do it again, I would bypass nursing and go into healthcare administration. You won't blow your back or knees, have to deal with crazy patients and families and won't run the risk of going home covered in bodily fluids. Oh, and if you like regular breaks, forget nursing.

If you really want to nurse go ahead and get the education. If you are doing it for job security think again and like others have said research your areas job market.


sorry about the negative post. Not saying that current LVNs are not good nurses. The ones that were lucky enough to land jobs are good at what they do, however, you and i both know how sour the current job market is. becoming an LVN/ADN/BSN 5 years ago was a great not so much. :nurse:

BTW: just want to clarify i went to pre nsg for two years and nsg school for one year. wanted to make sure i didn't mislead anyone.:cool:

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IMO your age is not a factor as the retirement age will soon be 68; and if you think it will end there - wrong - they won't stop until it's up to 76 (lol). Anyway no matter what happens; you have lots of time left on your life clock.

When I went to nursing school years ago there were 4 students who were over 54. Where I work the oldest nurse is 73 and isn't planning on retiring soon. Age is an attitude. If you think you're too old then so be it but if you are like me, I have to look at my ID whenever my age comes up because I can't believe I'm as old as I am.

According to many people I should be left for the Polar Bears but I don't see it coming anytime soon. My metabolism is strong, I feel great, and I love life.

There you go; don't make decisions based on your age unless you have a terminal illness. People in there 50's are going to be around for a long time in the work force. Come! join us if you think nursing is for you.


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Your age really isn't that much of a factor.

The truth is I really wouldn't advice anyone to pursue LPN school anymore. I haven't seen it yet in my area, but from reading here and talking to out-of-state friends it seems even long term car facilities, once the bastion of LPN employment, are now preferentially hiring RNs over LPNs. And, since the job market is so bad for RNs, esp, if they have an ADN and not a BSN, there are plenty of RNs applying for LTC jobs.

I find it pretty demoralizing. I am lucky in that so far my facility is very supportive of the LPN, promotes LPNs to unit manager positions, and continues to hire LPNs. In my state scope-of-practice I can do anything in the rehab facility the RNs can do (access PICCs and other central lines, IVs, etc. No nursing homes in my state hang blood or do IV pushes so that's not an issue).

I have considered doing the ADN program but I am currently working with a couple ADNs from the local community college that tried for years to get into any of the multiple local hospitals without any luck at all and are piecing together full time hours at multiple LTC facilities so I'm not sure if it's really worth it.

Sorry if I sound negative, but it's kind of brutal out there right now and the LPNs are the hardest hit I think.


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Thanks for your comments.


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Thank you very much.

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