Should I give up


I failed 3xs the first 2 times the maximum and the last attempt at 144. I was for sure I passed the 3rd time i mean the questions weren't too easy but they werent too hard either.I actually thought I was doing well. I didn't do the Pvt i waited and boom FAIL. I was devastated. It took me almost a month to bounce back. I don't know if I want to try anymore. I'm just fed up. Off all the tests I was given in life this is the only one I can't defeat. I guess it's a sign I was never meant to be a nurse. It's been 6months since I graduated. How sad:(

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What type of studying are you doing? Because failing with fewer questions means you are doing worse, not better. What does your test report say? Are you focusing on those areas? Have you gone back to your texts?

I was studying rationales from qbanks using uworld and nclex 3000. I also used PDA by Lacharity for my 3rd attempt since I struggle with priority. On my last report I got all near passing and pharmacology below. I went to the library last week and checked out the Saunders book to strengthen my content. So much content it's overwhelming me, it's making me not want to attempt this test again.