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Okay ya'll now I had a baby this semester, and getting back intot the swing of thing has not been easy. So here it is I didn't get into the program at my college, because I didn't finish my math class before the application deadline, which means I am going to apply at the vo-tech. I am still enrolled in the math class but should I keep taking it or just drop it. I mean I don't need it. Also I can't catch up in my nutrition (which I will need to take in the future) class, so should I just keep on taking that as well as my A&P lec and lab, or drop my nutriton class, and concentrate on my A&P lec and lab, and hope for an A in one of them to get my gpa up?


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Well, that would be a tough decision ! :o I think, that if you don't have any other "W's" on your transcript that it would be okay to drop the classes especially if you absolutely can't catch up in nutrition.

Some schools look down upon dropped classes, and W's usually go against your GPA. (be careful)

All in all just do what's best for you and your new baby :) By the way...congratulations on becoming a new mom! :balloons:

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I have a ton of W's from a "former life." :chuckle

Thankfully, they weren't figured in my GPA. But if I had been questioned about them, I had plausible reasons for withdrawing from those courses, and most of them were several years ago.

Regardless, I got into nursing school without one question being asked about the W's on my transcript. I also got awarded three scholarships without any difficulty.

That said, given the circumstances (having just had a baby), I think withdrawal from a class you might be doing poorly in is a wise decision... but ultimately it's your choice.

What math are you taking? While it might not be required, mastering that level of math might be helpful in your nursing courses even if it's not technically a pre-req.

Good luck! :)


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I also have a million W's from when school just wasnt that important. Neither school I am applyingto figures the W's in. they understand that things happen, thats what W's are for. Better a W than a D or F.

My :twocents: is that you will have other times to redo or catch up but if you just had a baby and missed the application deadline anyways then relax and enjoy your baby:)


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Thanks ya'll. I am as we speak I am studying my a$$ off to make sure I am up on A&P. I will drop the math and the nutrition. I already have two W's but those are from when i had back problems and just couldn't sit up long enough to attend my lectures. I have gone through therapy, and have pain killers so that is okay now. The Vo-Tech that I am going to doesn't take into account GPA at all, but I do have to have an offical transcript sent to them though. It actually feels kind of goob because I'll have a fresh start b/c as we all know when you transfer schools you don't have to transfer classes, and I'll only be transferring my A&P, so if I can manage two B's, I'll start off with a fresh 3.0. But anyway the school that I am going to, only makes admission decisions by test scores (another thing to worry about), and they do have an interview, but they are so vague that I don't know if that goes into the decision making process or not. By the way they don't take GPA into account because it is an LPN program, and LPN programs don't have pre-req's so it stands sto reason that most if not all of the incoming students in the class haven't been to college before, so have to GPA to calculate in. So it would basically be unfair and unethical to count another students GPA against them, admissions are supposed to be on a fair playing ground.

To tell the truth I am kind of glad I didn't get into my first choice. It is shorter that the Vo-Tech program, but with the vo-tech my tuition is less, and they are 5 to 10 minutes away from my house (depending on traffic). And my first choice was 30 minutes to an hour away (depedning on traffic).

But anway those are the two that I am going to drop. Now I just have to make sure I get back on track with A&P.

Thank ya'll so much, I always feel so much better when I come here.:):):):):):)

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