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Should I Do the LVN to RN 30 Unit Option?

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Hi Nurse Beth,

I have a dilemma on where I want to take my career. I am a LVN in California, I received my masters degree in health care administration and I work as a project manager, however operations does not make me happy and I feel like in order for me to get job in clinical operations I need my RN license. My question to you is that I have been considering going back to school to get my license but I do not want to do the BSN route, Can I have a career if I do the LVN 30-unit option?

Dear Not Happy,

The LVN to RN 30 unit option will satisfy the requirements for RN licensure. However, you need a BSN to qualify for most non-clinical RN jobs. 

If your end goal is to work in healthcare administration, get your BSN and then work 2 years as an RN. At that point, with your MHA, you will be well qualified for an administrative position.

Nurse Beth

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Nurse Beth,

Thank you!!!

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Another consideration in regards to the 30 unit option is the ability to endorse your license to another state- there are some states who will deny a license obtained by the 30 unit method as they explicitly state completion of an RN program is required to grant a license.

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