Should I continue or give up nursing?


  1. Should I continue Nursing ?

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Im in a terrible situation right now. I got my associates degree the summer of 2016 and i transferred into a universities nursing program later on in Fall. When i transferred it was revealed that i still had classes remaining to take before i could start my clincals. I was able to finish up all my classes accept for one. This is a pathophysiology class. My school has an academic strike policy that one must abide by to remaining in the program. 2 C- and you are kicked out. I dropped the class in fall of 2016 because i didn't do well on the first test and wanted to save face. In Spring 2017 i took the class until the end and got an F. I ended up dropping the course this semester (fall 2017) because there was a death and i cant deal with the pressure at the moment. If i take this class again in the spring it would make 2 years of me trying to pass this class. Im seriously considering changing my major. I don't have anymore classes left to take accept this patho class and my clinical classes. I have so many thoughts racing through my head and i don't know which path i should take. Ill give you the list of scenarios that have been playing in my head.

A: I continue Nursing, Pass my patho class, and i end up getting a C- or lower during one my clincal classes. This would just result in time wasted.

B: I take the patho class, dont, pass and my time isn't wasted but not as bad as scenario A

C: Im able to pass all my classes and i end up becoming a nurse

D: I just change my major, and try to make the best of it.

Currently my GPA is a 2.5 (previously a 3.3) because of the F i received. Its harder to boost your GPA with nursing classes because of its difficulty. The job market for Nursing is great but it's also competitive. Raising my GPA back above a 3.0 would be a tough task.

I'm 22 btw

I know everyone has some sort adversity in getting to their goals in life, but you also need to know when to let things go. My Mom is telling my continue while my dad is telling me to do something else. I would like to hear some input on what others think. I would like people to keep it 100% honest with me. Even if i don't like what you have to say.


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Well, why did you fail?

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I only have two things to say to you. Firstly, the only person in charge of whether you pass or fail is you. If you put in the work you can do it. You can even get an A. If you think you're going to fail you just might. And secondly, you won't know until you try, so why not do the class, give it everything you have, and move on. Don't give up so easily.