Should I apply now, or wait until next year?


I graduated nursing school in May of this year, and I have been working in the CVICU of a level 1 trauma hospital since June. I have been going back and forth and pondering about applying to TWU's crna program by October 15th for next fall. I will have about 14 months of experience in the CVICU by the time the program starts next fall. Additionally, I will be getting my CCRN next June.

My GPA: 3.8 nursing, 4.0 science. Multiple honor societies (don't know how much weight they carry). I was one of the leaders in my class and was nominated (and accepted the position) by the faculty to help students throughout the whole college of nursing in their courses.

I know I have little experience at this point, hence my hesitancy to apply. However, it couldn't hurt to apply right?


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Ive looked into Texas Wesleyan and the website says you need to have 1 year ICU experience by Feb 1 of the year you start the program. It looks like you would be a few months short of that requirement. You could go ahead and try your luck at applying, but I think you would be wasting your time and money. Maybe you meet the requirements of another crna school in texas you could apply to?


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Thank you for telling me this! I didn't even see where it said you needed to have 1 year complete by Feb 1. I would have just been wasting my time.

I think its for the best anyway because I will have more experience by next year and I think my overall resume will look better with more time worked, plus I will have my CCRN.

My plan is to apply to TCU, UT houston, Baylor, and possibly some out of state schools next summer. And then TWU next fall as well.

Thank you for your help!


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Your academic credentials are outstanding and often times, this overrides a specific admission requirement. I would say that most schools try to get the very best candidates and will often times overlook certain requirement(s). Why not call the school and get their input, you might be pleasantly surprised. A family member of mine got into more than three CRNA Programs with 1 year NICU experience, even though, officially, NICU experience was not acceptable. He had excellent grades and a first degree in Chemistry. You would have over 14 months of ICU experience by the time you start the program. If I were in your position, I would apply anyway. The only lost if you are denied is the application fee.


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Im going to apply to all the schools in Texas next year so maybe we will get in together somewhere! And I agree with psata, call and ask if they would be ok with your experience before you write it off completely.


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Based on your stats, I believe you'll still get an interview. I applied last year. Apply if you want to try your luck.


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I am in a similar situation. Graduated in May and have been working in a Trauma/Surgical ICU at a Trauma 1 hospital since July. I have similar grades and honors. My question is whether or not to apply this year, or next year. I am worried about my managers getting upset that I am looking to move on after just getting hired. I have heard that some managers make your life difficult once they realize your goal is to become a CRNA. How did you approach them with the idea and ask for letters of recommendation?


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I also would like to hear some answers to wbthomas's question.


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Hey guys, sorry for the late reply. I have been busy at work. But I finally got some information from TWU, and they said that it was a requirement of their school to have one year of experience by Feb 1 of the year you plan on starting. So, I guess its a no go for applying this year, which is okay with me.

But my supervisor told me and the group I was hired with that they won't write a letter of recommendation for CRNA school until you have worked on the unit for two years. However, I contacted TWU a little while ago and asked them if there was any way around this, and they said that they would accept a letter from a charge nurse in place of a manager/supervisor. So thats good news.

But, my plan is to take the GRE this winter, possibly take ochem in the spring to increase the number of schools I can apply to next year, and study for my ccrn so I can take it next summer. Gonna be busy!!