Should we give up our Peds/Maternity DrEaMs?

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:idea:As you all know this job market stinks!.........

I have been searching for jobs all day every day and when people ask me, "So how is the Job Search going?", all I can say is my full-time job is searching for a job. More than anything I want to be a Maternity nurse!....I have also pictured myself in Peds, but these jobs are even more impossible to find than general New Nurse jobs, if that is even possible. :madface:

So what are we suppose to do? Give up on our dreams of being in these specialties and resort to the still scarse med-surg or LTC jobs. I mean if it really comes down to it I guess we will have to, but everything inside me tells me I would excell in Maternity/Peds and be a good team member of such a medical team. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. We would be so much more useful and and have so much more to give in a setting that we love.:redpinkhe

Any suggestions, or anyone feeling the same way, I know their must be but please help me and all of us decide what to do in such terrible times. I live in South Jersey about 5 mins outside of Philadelphia and its impossible here. I know there is a saying:::: Don't ever give up on your dreams, but I don't know this may have to be an exception

I need help or at least support from people who feel this same way or have any suggestions...Thanks...:idea:


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What are you "supposed to do"? How about take whatever job you can get to start out and work your way up? That's what an awful lot of the rest of us did, at times when the economy wasn't even in the toilet. When I graduated, back in the Dark Ages, we all expected to have to take whatever position we could get, and work toward a position in our preferred specialty over time. The notion that new grads can (should) be able to get a position in their preferred facility, in their preferred specialty, right out of school, is a relatively new phenomenon.

Taking another, less desirable job isn't "giving up on your dreams" -- it's taking one step in the process of eventually achieving your dreams. Nobody enjoys "paying dues," but, sometimes, that's what you have to do in order to get what you want. It's entirely up to you whether or not you turn that into a positive experience and learn all you can and gain experience in a different setting -- experience which will make you more "marketable" for a specialty position, when you find openings, than you are as a new grad. Your ability to do what you have to do, maintain a positive attitude, be an asset (a good employee) wherever you are employed. and make the best of the current circumstances will be a benefit as you continue to grow in your career and prospects.

If there is an OB or peds specialty nursing organization that has local meetings in your area (or within a reasonable commute), joining that organization and attending meetings will not only indicate to potential empoyers that you're serious about the specialty, but may provide good networking and job-hunting possibilities. There is also the question of relocating, if that's a possibility for you. There are still some areas of the country that do have significant nursing shortages and are more open to employing new grads.

I don't mean to sound mean or critical at all. The economy will improve in time, and nursing employment will pick up along with all the other occupations (we're (nurses) still in better shape than lots of other occupations, although I understand it doesn't look like that to new grads ...) Best wishes for your new career, and I'm sure you will eventually be able to find a job in OB or peds -- it just might take longer than you would like.


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Thanks I see what you mean I did words things a little wrong and I should be more open to different oppurtunities. The thing is I think I am just scared and nervous because I did apply to many med-surg jobs and such and heard nothing either. But thank you for your post I am new and do have to work my way up and I will get there eventually.

I take critisism well anyway and appeciate it.

I think it is just in nursing school you think of what you want to do and picture yourself there. And when you graduate your so excitied and think it is inevitable that you will find yourself exactly where you want to be, but then reality sets in and you have to do what you have to do to get paid and get experience. I hope everyone reads your post and does some serious reflecting like I did thanks.

I will still be looking for that perfect job


will be applying to many others too and I'll take what I can get


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Plenty of us have been there :) -- when I was getting ready to graduate, long ago, I knew what specialty I was most interested in, and I also knew that none of the facilities in my region hired new grads into that specialty. I took a med-surg position and worked diligently at that, learning all I could and valuing the experience I was getting, trying to get along with everyone and be the best new nurse I could be, while looking for a specialty position. Within a year, I relocated to take a job in my specialty (and would have eventually been able to get a position where I was, but it would have taken longer), and everything worked out fine in the long run -- but I had to start out with what I could get and work at achieving my dream over some time.

Also, ya can't go wrong getting some basic, general med-surg experience under your belt -- that will serve you well wherever your future endeavors may take you. Starting out directly in a specialty and staying there for a length of time, however, can handicap you in the future if you decide you want to do something else.

Best wishes.


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You should consider working in the ER for a couple years, I did a mere 3 month internship in a trauma center and got to triage loads of moms in labor, take care of kids, do pregnancy tests, do patient education for expectant moms and parents, got to stabilize PICU-bound babies and kids all the time ...It really is a GREAT environment to get both Peds and Maternity experience!


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Please do not give on finding your dream job. I know that Peds. is really hard to get, but OB might be attainable. I have met quite a few RNs that got hired into OB as new grads. The timing just might not be right. If you have to spend a year on a different floor you can always keep applying.

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