Should an experienced RN include LVN experience on resume?



I'm trying to fit everything on one page.

I'm updating my resume and curriculum vitae both for potential job prospects and graduate school. I have over three years of RN experience in different capacities (ICU, per diem, agency, step down, and telemetry). I've worked for 4 different companies as a RN (although I still work for 2 of them so I'm not as much of a job hopper as it sounds). In addition, I have a year and a half of LVN experience which includes some SNF experience, and some Med Surg experience at the hospital that hired me as a new grad RN. I worked full-time as a LVN while in the RN program.

Between all of my experience, certifications (ACLS, PALS, TCAR, critical care, BLS), and education (LVN-->RN--> BSN), I can't seem to fit everything on one page. At this point in my career, do I exclude the LVN education and experience? Since my interest is in critical care, I have a pretty detailed work experience description for my ICU job. Perhaps I should leave the LVN experience on the resume, but make the "duties included" section one or two lines for past LVN experience? Also, should I keep the job description of past RN jobs brief in order to save space and ultimately allow me to focus on my critical experience?

Any suggestions are appreciated!



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I did a "one liner paragraph" for my previous career before healthcare for my first healthcare resume. I would suggest listing your RN experience as you normally would and make an inclusive "one liner paragraph" for your LVN experience. I would still list the LVN education if you have room on one page. If not enough room, leave off the LVN education. That's how I would do it. Your current RN experience sounds quite sufficient to get your next job and your LVN experience probably won't be considered at this point anyway, other than as making your resume more 'complete'.