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Shot off in 75q waiting for my result


I took the nclex exam today and it was very hard. I used Kaplan to prep and i read that some people said kaplan is harder than nclex, but i found out is that my test was so much more difficult than kaplan. Over half of the questions were in alternative format, and I had 10-15 meds and most of them i don't recognize. Rest of the questions are mainly priority questions. I live in Cali and there is no quick result. I did the trick it gave me a good pop up. How reliable is the trick now? Any one from Cali used the trick and saw the good pop up and passed?

Good luck to you awaiting your results! I think this is the best reply for the trick.

It sounds like you were high level for most of your test, which could be good or bad. It sounds like you could've been drawing the passing line every time or been close. Wish you the best of luck!