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Hi all,

I recently moved from Ontario, Canada where I was a Registered Practical Nurse (2 year program) to California (Burbank area) and have been waiting for word from the BVNPT on transferring my license. Today I received notice that I am deficient in 80 clinical hours pediatric nursing and 80 hours maternity/genitourinary nursing. (My school in Canada assigned us to clinicals as available and we did not necessarily get time in every field, other than in lab.)

I don't know what I can do to get those hours. I spoke to the BVNPT, who told me to contact accredited schools for options. I've spoken to a couple of local colleges who both told me that they do not accept transfers, and that I would have to take their entire programs.

I'm hopeful that some of you have had experience with this process, even more hopeful that the experiences were positive. Have you been able to pick up stray credits required in California? If not, do you know where or if I can?

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We generally see this happening with RN and California. Unfortunately many of the RN's are told they are also deficient in these numbers and struggle to find anywhere that accepts them just for the courses required

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I can't see an LVN program admitting you for deficient hours as these are programs that move quickly over a 10-18 month period and it would be extremely difficult to assimilate an extra student. Students in the U.S. generally cannot transfer between nursing programs especially vocational/practical nursing and often must start over from the beginning