:D Any suggestions for a good nursing shoe that is not too expensive? The ADN program that I am starting in the fall requires us to have "nursing shoes" not "tennis shoes". Anything that looks like a tennis shoe is not acceptable. I was thinking of trying "Nursemates". :confused:


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Just from experience, I have tried both Nursemates and Rockers. I have to say that I prefer Rockers. You can get them for a decent price if you look around. Try the link on the homepage and click under Commercial Business on Apparel. Sometimes you can find good deals online.

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I have worn both Rockers and Nursemates. They both suck! Try going to K Mart. Their Cobbie Cuddler line has white shoes for nursing and are 20 bucks a pair.

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I have Cobbie Cuddlers too! They are ok for a nursing shoe, and since you can't wear tennis shoes, I'd say go for it!


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Lisa it could be worse. You could be a male looking for "Nursing" shoes. Very few choices and all of them are uncomfortable!

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