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I have Nothinz. They're much like crocs, but I thought they were more comfortable. I don't think they're recommended for high arch people, though. I have fairly low arches. They are MUCH more comfortable than I thought they would be. Very light and cool. I have heard people complain that the tread is too sticky, and they catch easily on carpet. I've noticed it, but it doesn't bother me - I trip all the time anyway!!:chuckle

Carpet in the hospital?!? Yikes! That screams, Hi my names MRSA, nice to meet you! LOL


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I had a few different pairs during nursing school, none that were really that great, but once I started working everyone said that the dansko ones were really comfortable. I ended up buying a pair even though they are 100 bucks. Everyone said it takes a few shifts to get used to them, but it didn't for me. They are soo comfortable. I only work 12's, and with our EMAR system, having laptops, I rarely sit down, and my feet never hurt. Most of the nurses on my floor have them too and everyone loves them.

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I agree-I just bought a pair of Dansko shoes & even though they cost $100 they are totally worth it! After being on my feet all day at the hospital, my feet still feel so supported. They are really great shoes. :)

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Forget the crocs, go to Payless or, they've got airwalk clogs for $14.99 - compare these to crocs, they are almost the exact same! Save 15 bucks!

I was in Colorado last week and everyone was wearing Crocs and the Payless version. Adults and kids were wearing them everywhere. I have never seen anyone in California wearing them. I tried them on at Payless and they were awesome. I can't wear them at my Nursing school, we have to have closed shoes. I checked our Payless here and they don't sell them.


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I like the Rocker lightweight clogs. These are the only ones I wear anymore.

I can't stand Anywear clogs. Wait sometimes I wear mine when I run out to the mailbox and such.

Some Nursemates are good, but I've had some I really didn't like.


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I just bought a pair of Dansko clogs on Ebay for $40 NEW! They have tons on there in all different colors and sizes! I was very excited. I've never owned a pair, but all of the nurses at work swear by them. I owned a pair of Rocker lightweights and really loved them. They were very comfortable, but the only problem is after you break them in they start squeaking. It's the weirdest thing! I had to quit wearing them because the noise they made was just horrible.


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I got my first pair of Dansko's on Ebay as well after trying them on in the store to make sure they fit well and determine what size I needed (37 = 6 1/2-7). Mine are the Professional Cordovan Cabrio and they were $65 including s/h brand new. I just purchased a black pair for $60 plus $6.95 s/h on there as well.

Melanie = )

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