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Hey there!

I am looking into getting some nice shoes for clinical/work.
I have been told that HOKAs are very nice but I am not sure which model is best for the floor? I want to know which shoes y'all wear and your thoughts on them. 

I am open to any suggestions so please let me know!

Thank you!

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I wear Forgano. If you don't like leather or rubber shoes, that would be nice. 

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Everyone's feet are different, and styles wear differently. I started with Clinics, then went to Danskos after a few years, then I switched to Alegria. After almost 15 years, I started having issues with those. Now I'm wearing clove and am very happy. You'll need to try out the various options to find what works for you 

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Nothing helpful; just a rant.

I'm retired, but I long for the days when I could go buy a pair of CLINICS in my size: 9 & 1/2  Double A with a 3-A heel. (Worn with Dr Scholl's thin leather arch supports.) I'm stunned if I ever find a size 10 Narrow, because most of the time I have to buy the 10 medium. Most shoes w/ 'built-in' arch support, well they don't fit the shank (Length of arch) of MY feet! I'm convinced my knee problems are aggravated by shoes that just don't do what they say they will do because I CAN'T FIND GOOD shoes that fit me correctly! One size most decidedly does NOT fit "all". Pfftt!

Now everything is in whole sizes ( "1/2 sizes order up to next whole size.") with medium width to Extra wide to XXXX wide. BAH!  

Okay then, ?  I feel better now; I'm done squawking for the time being~ 

Try out different options and see what works best for you !

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2 hours ago, MissMollieMiss said:

Try out different options and see what works best for you !

In my many years as a nurse, after Clinic Shoes company went belly up, that's ALL I've been doing, trying different options. Unless I can find someone to build a shoe to my specific needs (and that is expensive, having custom shoes made...) I have to "keep trying different options" because I can't go barefoot. I'm just disgusted that the shoe business is eliminating some folks because they can't wear a whole size of medium width. ("One size fits all" is a lie.)

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I’ve had success with HOKA bondi. Extra cushioning & stabilization. Even after a year of wearing they remain well cushioned. Per my podiatrist & a shoe sales staff member it’s good practice to trade off between two pair of shoes every other day.  I’ve tried many other shoes brands and while comfortable for a short time they quickly lost that benefit. My HOKAs are still going strong in the comfort department.  

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Loved the name "Speedgoat". Not sure I'd like those little sticky-outie things at the back (heel projections). Anyway, I seldom have success with mailing in an order for shoes, because I have to try shoes on before I purchase them. There's a lot of difference between brands; even if they are the same size, they really aren't because the lasts are different.

Thank you everyone for your inputs! I actually went with the Clove shoes and so far, I am loving them. When it is time to change pairs, I will refer to your other recommendations. Thank you again!!

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Because of a hip pining in 2016 and 6 pelvic fractures this year, my left leg is now 1.5 inches shorter than the right. I did not do anything about changing shoes in 2016 except a shoe insert for the 1/4 inch problem then. Now I have to do something. I am getting a shoe lift (shoe soles adapted for the 1 .5 inch leg discrepancy). I have to provide the shoes to the orthotic company.  I went to a shoe store that has excellent fitters who spent probably 45 minutes with me, giving advice, measuring both feet,( I have half a size difference between feet,)  trying on numerous expensive but quality brands. I shuffled into the store but left feeling someone listened to me closely, provided expert advice (they are known for this) and now I won't wobble when I walk! Look for a store that has educated and trained fitters. Invest in quality! I always wore NurseMates when working....they were comfortable but  I developed bunions. Should I have really looked at well fitting work shoes years ago? You spend more hours a week in your work shoes. This is just my opinion. 

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