Shoe recommendation?


Hey there!

I am looking into getting some nice shoes for clinical/work.
I have been told that HOKAs are very nice but I am not sure which model is best for the floor? I want to know which shoes y'all wear and your thoughts on them. 

I am open to any suggestions so please let me know!

Thank you!



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I wear Forgano. If you don't like leather or rubber shoes, that would be nice. 

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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Everyone's feet are different, and styles wear differently. I started with Clinics, then went to Danskos after a few years, then I switched to Alegria. After almost 15 years, I started having issues with those. Now I'm wearing clove and am very happy. You'll need to try out the various options to find what works for you 

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Nothing helpful; just a rant.

I'm retired, but I long for the days when I could go buy a pair of CLINICS in my size: 9 & 1/2  Double A with a 3-A heel. (Worn with Dr Scholl's thin leather arch supports.) I'm stunned if I ever find a size 10 Narrow, because most of the time I have to buy the 10 medium. Most shoes w/ 'built-in' arch support, well they don't fit the shank (Length of arch) of MY feet! I'm convinced my knee problems are aggravated by shoes that just don't do what they say they will do because I CAN'T FIND GOOD shoes that fit me correctly! One size most decidedly does NOT fit "all". Pfftt!

Now everything is in whole sizes ( "1/2 sizes order up to next whole size.") with medium width to Extra wide to XXXX wide. BAH!  

Okay then, 😊  I feel better now; I'm done squawking for the time being~