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Hi nurses!!!!

I am nursing student and currently working as a personal support worker in nursing home.One of my client has shingles and he is in contact precaution. The charge nurse told me to give him shower. In this facility there is common shower room for all residents. So is it appropriate to use common area for person having contact precaution even though there is no avlaibility of sanitizer or alcohol swabs which I can apply on used equipments. Secondly, according to my understanding we have to use gloves and gowns if there is contact precaution. But there is no stock of gowns in the facility.

I am concerned that I am putting other residents on risk as well. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance .

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Have you asked your employer where the BSP gowns and disinfecting wipes are located? Has your employer specifically said they do not provide these supplies? If so, you can phone your local department of public health or Public Health Ontario and file a complaint, (if not with them, they can tell you who can receive the complaint).

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Have you had Chicken Pox? Have you been vaccinated?


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Have you had Chicken Pox? Have you been vaccinated?